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Patient Testimonials

Prem Malik

Dr. Ajit kumar Yadav best doctor interventional Radiology in Sir Ganga ram hospital and my sister post Thyroid microwave ablation good results my sister doctor ajit sir very helpful doctor.

Dranil Tyagi

I underwent CT guided Biopsy of 2cm nodule in left lung by Dr Ajit Yadav. Though apprehensive about it he did it in 5 mins and looked like he has done thousands of them. The procedure was smooth and painless All preprocedure and postprocedure precautions were followed and no complications occured. I thank him for his valuable contribution to my treatment.

Bhawna Jhamb

Arun sir is an amazing doctor. He was treating my father since 2014 and from day one, he has guided us and answered all our questions with patience and a smile on his face. He has provided the best solution everytime for his treatment. In today's world, where there is so much fear and doubt when it comes to getting the right doctor, my father and we have felt so fortunate to meet him and be satisfied with his services. Our whole family feels immense gratitude towards Arun sir and at peace that my father got the best treatment ever. Thank you so much sir.

Savita Gupta

I recently became a patient under the care if Dr. Ajt Yadav for thyroid, and I must say that the experience exceeded my expectations. From the very first consultation he demonstrated an outstanding level of professionalism, compassion and attentiveness.They took the time to thoroughly explain the procedure ensuring that I fully understood the details and addressing any concerns or questions I had. Their exceptional communication, precision and post procedure follow up were also remarkable. My operation also went very smoothly and in regards to that I highly recommend him for this treatment.

Anurag Sahay

Dr. Arun Gupta is simply one of the best doctors. He is empathetic towards a patient’s situation and gives the best possible treatment. He has extensive experience in interventional radiology procedures such as TARE and TACE and his opinion is highly recommended. Thanks sir for all your support !

Ashish Bilaiya

My kidney transplant was done in 2019 at Sargangaram Hospital, Delhi, without stunt the kidney was not working, doctors were asking for re-surgery, after spending lakhs, it was not possible to risk life again, at that time Bhagwan Swaroop, soft-spoken, sociable, Respected senior radiologist Dr. Ajit Yadav ji had put stunt in a normal way so that I got new life kidney is working well since last 3 years I am very thankful to him I thank him very much

Shalini Gusain

Dr Ajit is the best doctor for thyroid ablation procedures. He is very polite, calm, knowledgable, skilled and a kind doctor. He explained me the diagnosis and the procedure well before the ablation session. There were no marks and the swelling subsided completely after a couple of months. My father in law was going though end stage liver cancer at that time. When I told him about it, he reviewed his medicines and gave suggestions for him on spot. Thank you Ajit Sir, for the care and the treatment.

Shalini Gusain

Dr Ajit is the best doctor for thyroid ablation procedures. He is very polite, calm, knowledgable, skilled and a kind doctor. He explained me the diagnosis and the procedure well before the ablation session. There were no marks and the swelling subsided completely after a couple of months. My father in law was going though end stage liver cancer at that time. When I told him about it, he reviewed his medicines and gave suggestions for him on spot. Thank you Ajit Sir, for the care and the treatment.

Indu Mewati

Dr Ajit Kumar Yadav sir best doctor interventional radiology and my father name Ram Singh post PAE procedure expect prostate artery embolization dr. ajit sir

Ashok Aman

Dr ajit yadav best interventional Radiology sir ganga ram hospital and my father post BAE procedure and good results my father.

Raj Kumar

My name is raj kumar and dr ajit yadav sir best doctor usg guided biopsy and fnac best doctor in sir ganga ram hospital.

Deepak Nishchal

Dr Ajit is the best Radiologist you can get in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Delhi. He is very detailed in analysing the condition and prescribing medication and tests and operations my father . He explains the exact condition, procedure and treatment in a very simple manner which even a layman can understand. He gives sufficient time . thanks to Dr Ajit..

Harshal Sanghavi

Dr. Arun Gupta a very humble man and soft sooken human being. Dr. Arun Gupta,& his team are the best Interventional Radiologist in India, My wife diagnosed with Lymphangiomatosis, He & his team under tremendous radiation carried out the surgery, Dr. Gupta was hospitalised in the same hospital, He literally came to operation theatre and was present for the whole surgery which took almost 8 hrs for there team to finish it off!!It was tough call for them coz one of the rare disease but they did not loose hope and did everything possible!!.. Presently my wife is absolutely fit. I wish them best of luck!! May god give them more energy and more time to save patients!! Hats off to you!!

Sunder Malik

Dr Ajit Yadav is a great doctor. We came to know about Dr Ajit from some friends. We approached Dr Ajit for my relatives fibroid in uterus. As they we massive so gynecologist told us to remove whole uterus and our patient was having massive bleeding and she was in lot of pain. We approached Dr Ajit and sent him reports. He responded very quickly. We met him for consultation. We were totally satisfied with his answers and he told us that fibroids can be shrunk without surgery. He told us that there was no need to remove whole of uterus.Dr Ajit did Uterine artery embolization where he blocked just supply of uterus. This procedure was without pain and without general anaesthesia as patient was not given GA. I am writing this after 7 months of procedure as on date size of fibroid decreased by 90%. Now she has no pain and bleeding. Her uterus is saved and there was only 1 day hospital stay. Thank you Dr Ajit for saving her uterus and saving us from pain of surgery.

Sandeep Rajvanshi

Dr Arun Gupta is one of the best doctor I have ever met. I met him for the treatment of uterine fibroid of my wife and he explained us every thing in details about the uterine fibroid embolization procedure and other things. After procedure Dr Arun and staff took great care of my wife and under his treatment now she has been cured completely. Really Dr. Arun Gupta is a gem of medical fraternity.

Rajeev Sharma

My sister had swelling in the neck. Then we got her tested. we came to know that she had swelling in the thyroid. we consulted surgeon where he told us to get surgery done. as this area was important cosmetically so one if my friend told us to check with dr ajit. he did some test and found out that this swelling was non can serious. And told us that this swelling can be reduced without surgery. Dr ajit abated that thyroid. now she don't have any swelling. the procedure was without pain and there was only 1 day hospital stay.

HS Duggal

Dr Arun Gupta, a renowned Intraventionist , has an excellent professional competence. He has been very receptive & caring to my patient & the family. Patient has since been completely cured & relieved of his pain of almost 2 yrs. A national- famed Dr ,with international exposure, he has been very modest & caring. Best wishes to Dr Arun Gupta. May many many more patients be benefited by his grt competence, knowledge & professional skills.

Urvashi Dewan

My son had osteoid osteoma in his right leg, dr advised him for RFA procedure but we were confused about whether to go for surgery or RFA, then we consulted in interventional radiology department. They explained everything about RFA so we underwent this procedure and it was so simple and short moreover there was no need of cut or sutcher. He is fine now and had joined his college two days after the procedure. Very big thanks to Dr Ajit Yadav and Dr Arun Gupta.

Manu Mehra

Dr. Arun Gupta is a gem of a doctor. Last year,we met him as my father had to undergo ablation therapy . Dr.Gupta explained the entire treatment plan and answered all our queries. He made my father so.comfortable when he met him. I strongly recommend Dr.Gupta as he a is a patient oriented doctor.

Darshan Thummar

What a Bang-On diagnosis, approach, accurate and complete treatment he does. We are fortunate to have met him, got treated a considerably complex case with immense ease and no discomfort to patient! Needless to mention his politeness and assurance boosts the moral of the patient, which is really very useful.

Pratyaksh Bansal

I am Shweta Bansal.... I was suffering from angiomyolipoma the lower pole of my kidney.... My doctor suggested me for embolization treatment. My experience for this treatment is very successful. My doctor save me from the surgery. During treatment my doctor helped me alot and clear all my doubts. Now I am happy with my embolization decision.

Rakesh Jain’s Chylothorax Treatment Journey

My father started to feel pain in his abdominal area one night in his sleep. After three consecutive days of pain we consulted our general physician and he recommended us some general blood tests and scans. After some concerning test results, he recommended us to a pulmonologist in Kanpur (hometown), who sent us for further tests and that’s how my father got misdiagnosed with tuberculosis. Since tuberculosis, is a fairly common disease with a very standard treatment journey, we got back to our house and embarked on the 9-months tuberculosis treatment journey.

My father had already been on the tuberculosis medications for a month, but his health only seemed to deteriorate with fever, night sweats, and lossof appetite. Owing to his worsening condition, he got hospitalised in Kanpur, and was put on chest tube drainage by his pulmonologist and radiologist. After one week of drainage, the doctors noticed something out of ordinary in one of my father’s scans suggesting some kind of blood clotting near his liver, and thereby asked us to consult a gastroenterologist as well as a pulmonologist in Delhi.

The very next day, we got him discharged from the hospital in Kanpur and went to Delhi, where after meeting several doctors (gastroenterologist, pulmonologist, radiologist, heart specialists) we ended up in Sir Gangaram to meet Dr. Arup Basu and Dr. Ajit Yadav, who after the initial analysis concluded that my father was diagnosed with Chylothorax as well as inherent thrombophilia.

Chylothorax is a rare but serious condition in which lymph formed in the digestive system (chyle) accumulates in your chest cavity. Lymph is a fluid containing white blood cells and proteins that moves through your lymphatic system and drains into your bloodstream. Because of the rare and the underreported nature of the disease, not a lot of research is available for not just patients but even for doctors in India.

Chylothorax can either be traumatic or non-traumatic, but since my father had not gone any major surgery or trauma, the doctors got down to eliminating the non-traumatic causes for chylothorax which mainly comprised of lymphoma. Fortunately, my father was not diagnosed with any kind of abnormalities in his pleural space or bone marrow which made his scenario one of the rarer of the rare cases with undiagnosed cause of chylothorax. At this prompt, Dr Ajit Yadav went ahead with a minimally invasive treatment approach, lymphangiography, which proved to be a success in stopping the drainage of lymph in his pleural cavity.

One week after the procedure we were all back from Delhi and in a month my father was back to his normal routine and all the credits goes to the doctors in Sir Gangaram. If it was not for them my father would still have been on his third month of Tuberculosis treatment.

I, through my father’s journey, would like to highlight the importance of awareness about such rare diseases not just generally but more so among the doctors, who start the treatment withoutanalysing the case to case situation. I applaud the great work that Dr. Ajit Yadav is doing in the field and it makes me count my blessings to have gotten to him right in time barring all the wrong information that was given to us as patient’s family.

Sneha Jain

Mirza Aamir

A well experienced and a great gentleman, who knows deep inside out about his field and satisfy the patient and his/her attendent using his skills. I went for my brother's bronchial artery embolization , he explained me each and every procedure thoroughly before the surgery and also explained us regarding post surgery precautions and medication. Really it's great experience and we are blessed to have a doctor like him.

A. Rabisankar Rao

Dr. Ajit Yadav Jee is the best doctor in (I R ) and very helpful and kind hearted to the needy and poor patient who can't afford all medical expenses. He is the God who saved my brother in law's life. Now he is fit to work. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart. I always pray God for his good and sound health.

Harshal Sanghavi

Talented Interventional Radiologist,
May God bless you with more energy to cure more patients!!

He carried out the toughest lymphangiography procedure on lymphatic system, There were multiple lymphangiomas which were obstructing his needles..The whole procedure took almost 8hrs..There were moments where every1 had lost hopes..But he came out and told i will take some more time but we will come up with some solution..

That was the day I realised the miracle of his hands on patient..

The man who never looses hopes and doesnt work for money..

He is the rare doctor who was ready to work under so much radiation just to save patient's life..

Real Gem for the IR..

Hats off to you Sir!!

Take care

Ritu Chawla

Doctor like Doctor Ajit is a blessing for patients, my mammi was very serious and brought in emergency in Sir Gangaram Hospital . Doctors in Agra declared that if she will not be operated she will not survive, Doctor Ajit operated her and give her a new life. My entire family is very thankful to him.

Anika Rahman

Dr Adit K Yadav has been treating my father for the last two years. Amidst this pandemic, we have received the best possible medical care from him. In addition to that, he is one of the kindest people I have had the privilege to be acquainted with. I would highly recommend him to all. All my best wishes to Dr Ajit and his wonderful team.


K.D. Gupta

Dr. Arun Gupta is one of the finest and most efficient doctors in are country. He Treated my father Dr. K.D. Gupta in 2014 at sir Ganga Ram Hospital, when he was admitted there for accidently swallowing his one tooth denture.

Since there had been slight damage to my father's food pipe the doctors said h could not be given anything to eat or drink for few days and needed another souse to be given the necessary nutriation for this body. Dr. Arun Gupta suggested putting a picc line, a tube which would be put in one of the veins to provide the food supplements. we were a little vary since we did not know much about the procedure but Dr. Gupta was very forthcoming in explaining everything and he flawtessly and painlessly performed the proccdure.

My Father developed another problem when the fluid given to him for a test baked into his chest cavity and compressed his left lung. ideally he would have had to undergo a surgery but given his age (74 years), Dr. Arun Gupta performed another painless and less invasive proeeduse of inserting a tube from the side of the chest to drain the fluid.

Dr. Arun Gupta not only performed the proeedures, but continued to come and check my father to ensure he was doing well. he is a good doctor and an even better human being, and we would be forever greatful to him and all the oters doctors who treated my father and helped saving his life.


Dr. Ram dev Bharadwaj

Dr. Ajit Yadav, Radiologist, Sir Ganga ram Hospital, New Delhi, having an enormous capacity of anticipating and identifying root cause of dieses , his observation capacity and commendable potential shows his dedication towards values of medical science indeed this specific character of his personality rarely seen or found in medical profession .

Dr.Yadav is sensible reliable and responsible. He is so humble,touchy and havinga lovely personality one can realize his charisma and platonic love towards his patient with ever smiling face and sweet words which help in improvement of diseases and also enhance confidence and trust in patients .

Dr. Yadav is punctual and attentive. Whenever I called or messaged for his advice, he replied me back immediately and suggested what to do.

What I feel is that improvement in health is not based solely upon diagnosis and taking correct action but the personality of doctor, his behavior towards patients also plays a significant role in developing confidence in patients. Dr. Yadav apart from academic knowledge and excellent assessment of diseases is down to earth and an emotional personality.

Anita Rai
Rai Cottare
Gangtok Sikkim.

In the April of the year 2007 my mother Lt santa maya Rai was diagnosed with hepatocellular CA. We had initially made checkups at STNM hospital Gangtok Sikkim and she was then referred to Delhi, Sir Ganga Ram hospital. We met Dr AS soin, Sr consultant liver Transplant and Hepalabiliary Surgen, after seeing all the reports he advised to see Dr Arun Gupta, consultant Introvention Radiology, all the procedual tests like triple Phase CT scan, blood test started then Dr Gupta adviced for TACE ,regarding the treatment we were told that with the normal treatment the patient survival is 5to 6 months and TACE treatment as prescribed the survival may be 4to 5yrs. So we agreed for TACE, The first TACE (Trans arterial chemo embolisation ) was done on 17th April 2007 by Dr Arun Gupta, which showed good response.

During the course of my mother's treatment, Dr Gupta who we as a family came to know was very patents and extremely helpful doctor, in the city although doctors have a lot of patients and are mostly on a busy schedule, Dr Arun Gupta was able to give us much of his time when we visited during the course of treatment, in fact at times when we were back in sikkim and when there was need for some medical advice, Dr Gupta was kind enough to help us guide us ,in odd hours also without any hesitation he use to answer our calls .After much tests and treatment we opted for second opinions from other hospitals and doctors but my mother always preferred Dr Gupta as he was very comforting /careing and understanding. He seemed very well informed about the ways to treat the ailment and most of his medication worked miraculously, literally.
My mother took her last breath on 21st Feb 2014.

My family is ever remains grateful to Dr Gupta n his team for the humane consideration and patient hearing that he extended to us during the seven years of the whole treatment when we too we're going through a traumatic and extremely uncertain phase. We entire family wis him good luck and success to his future endeavour. ..

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