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Interventional Radiologist in Delhi

Who we are ( Interventional Radiologist )?

Interventional Radiology utilizes minimally invasive procedures that are image-guided, to diagnose as well as treat patients in nearly every organ system. These procedures have less pain, minimal complication rate and less recovery time in comparison to open surgery.

The Department of Interventional Radiology was established in 2006, at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital by Dr. Arun Gupta. Our department is well developed with our own IR OPD and IR Angio-Suite(Cath Lab). All in-patients who undergo any kind of IR procedure are monitored daily, during morning and evening rounds.

Innumerable non-vascular procedures including FNACs, Biopsies, Percutaneous drainages (PCD) are carried out both on OPD and on in-patient basis. In addition, PTBD (Percutaneous Trans hepatic Biliary Drainage), Biliary Stenting, stone removal (Hepaticolith), PCN (Percutaneous nephrostomy) and Ureteral Stenting are also performed commonly under local anesthesiaor sedation.

As far as vascular procedures are concerned, all kinds of Embolization: BAE (Bronchial Artery Embolization for hemoptysis (coughing of blood), Renal Bleed Embolization & GI (gastro intestinal) bleed embolization are performed commonly. Basically, these are the procedures to stop/control bleeding from the concerned site and are thus carried out on emergency as well as elective basis.

We are also one of the very few centers that perform lymphangiography and thoracic duct embolization for lymphatic leaks.

Stenting for bowel ischemia, peripheral arterial & venous disease and TIPSS (Trans jugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt) for recurrent and non-resolving ascites orhematemesis (vomiting of blood) are also carried out commonly by our team.

Obstetric & gynecological procedures including UAE (Uterine Artery Embolization) for Fibroids / adenomyosis and PPH (excessive bleeding after delivery) are also performed by our team. We also offer treatment options for infertility including Fallopian tube sclerotherapy for hydrosalpinx before IVF and varicocele embolization.

Oncological Interventions are an important part of our department. We perform pre-operative embolization for a variety of tumors along with Trans-arterial chemo and radioembolization (TACE/TARE) for liver tumors- HCC and hepatic metastasis. Percutaneous ablation of liver tumors, bone tumors and thyroid nodules is also performed routinely, using MWA (microwave ablation) and RFA (radio-frequency ablation).

Other procedures performed in our department include PAE (prostatic artery embolization) for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) and GAE (genicular artery embolization) for pain due to osteo-arthritis and ablation for thyroid nodules.

In addition, we also perform musculoskeletal (MSK) interventions including pain management and minimally invasive interventions for sports injury. These include interventions for spinal pain (disc prolapse, facet arthropathy), vertebroplasty for vertebral collapse, joint and soft tissue injections (including PRP) for common diseases like osteoarthritis, Rotator Cuff tear/tendinopathy, Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendon tears, Achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis. We also perform image guided nerve blocks, treatment for headache and cancer related chronic pain.

Training (fellowship) of interventional radiology residents had been started in our department in 2013. In addition, DNB super-specialization (DNB-SS) in IR (Interventional Radiology) was started for the first time in Gangaram Hospital in our department, from 2019.

Our team consists of renowned,dedicated &well-traineddoctors including Dr. Arun Gupta – Chairperson & senior consultant, Dr. Ajit Yadav – Consultant and Dr. Raghav Seth – Associate Consultant, along with Fellows, DNB registrars and Senior Residents. Regular academic sessions including seminars, journal clubs & case discussions are carried out in the department (thrice a week).

Our department is also involved in academic research & we have multiple publications in national & international journals.IR procedures have become an integral part of medical care with IR Physicians increasingly taking on a clinical role. We hope to expand & develop the department further.

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