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Laser treatment of varicose veins

What is varicose vein and how we treat it?

In simple words swelling of lower limb veins due to venous stasis most commonly seen in persons with long standing job like Guard etc. Present as swelling of limb, pain and ulcer on leg.

Procedure in which we burn the damaged veins with help of laser under x-ray, ultrasound guidance and local anesthesia. Bandage is applied for approx. 1-2 weeks for better healing. Follow-up Doppler to be done on alternate days to rule out venous thrombus.


Why (Indications)?

To relieve the pain and swelling.

Why Not (Contraindication)?

Deep vein thrombosis

What you are to do before procedure (Preparation)?

  1. Visit us in OPD for assessment of the condition with color Doppler: To decide are you a candidate for the procedure? If yes book appointment; if not, we will provide you conservative treatment and keep in follow-up.
  2. Visit us in Day Care after early morning breakfast, take prescribed medicine.
  3. Referring Doctor prescription, previous lab results (*Blood Sugar), Doppler report etc.
  4. If you are on blood thinner like Aspirin inform during appointment.
  5. One accompanying person
  6. Need to sign a consent form for procedure

Approx. Stay in hospital?

We have very fast and competent working team (Consultant, fellow, clinical assistant, technician and ward assistant) which provide you comfortable atmosphere and ease your nerves. Usual time of stay is around 1 or 2 days.


This is very safe procedure but patient may develop thrombus in deep veins of thigh region for which may need anticoagulants for 4 weeks. Resume to work?

You can resume your work after 3-4 days if existing disease allows.


You will be symptom free in approx. 4 weeks. Recurrence rate is about 10%.

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