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K.D. Gupta

Dr. Arun Gupta is one of the finest and most efficient doctors in are country. He Treated my father Dr. K.D. Gupta in 2014 at sir Ganga Ram Hospital, when he was admitted there for accidently swallowing his one tooth denture.

Since there had been slight damage to my father's food pipe the doctors said h could not be given anything to eat or drink for few days and needed another souse to be given the necessary nutriation for this body. Dr. Arun Gupta suggested putting a picc line, a tube which would be put in one of the veins to provide the food supplements. we were a little vary since we did not know much about the procedure but Dr. Gupta was very forthcoming in explaining everything and he flawtessly and painlessly performed the proccdure.

My Father developed another problem when the fluid given to him for a test baked into his chest cavity and compressed his left lung. ideally he would have had to undergo a surgery but given his age (74 years), Dr. Arun Gupta performed another painless and less invasive proeeduse of inserting a tube from the side of the chest to drain the fluid.

Dr. Arun Gupta not only performed the proeedures, but continued to come and check my father to ensure he was doing well. he is a good doctor and an even better human being, and we would be forever greatful to him and all the oters doctors who treated my father and helped saving his life.


Dr. Ram dev Bharadwaj

Dr. Ajit Yadav, Radiologist, Sir Ganga ram Hospital, New Delhi, having an enormous capacity of anticipating and identifying root cause of dieses , his observation capacity and commendable potential shows his dedication towards values of medical science indeed this specific character of his personality rarely seen or found in medical profession .

Dr.Yadav is sensible reliable and responsible. He is so humble,touchy and havinga lovely personality one can realize his charisma and platonic love towards his patient with ever smiling face and sweet words which help in improvement of diseases and also enhance confidence and trust in patients .

Dr. Yadav is punctual and attentive. Whenever I called or messaged for his advice, he replied me back immediately and suggested what to do.

What I feel is that improvement in health is not based solely upon diagnosis and taking correct action but the personality of doctor, his behavior towards patients also plays a significant role in developing confidence in patients. Dr. Yadav apart from academic knowledge and excellent assessment of diseases is down to earth and an emotional personality.

Anita Rai
Rai Cottare
Gangtok Sikkim.

In the April of the year 2007 my mother Lt santa maya Rai was diagnosed with hepatocellular CA. We had initially made checkups at STNM hospital Gangtok Sikkim and she was then referred to Delhi, Sir Ganga Ram hospital. We met Dr AS soin, Sr consultant liver Transplant and Hepalabiliary Surgen, after seeing all the reports he advised to see Dr Arun Gupta, consultant Introvention Radiology, all the procedual tests like triple Phase CT scan, blood test started then Dr Gupta adviced for TACE ,regarding the treatment we were told that with the normal treatment the patient survival is 5to 6 months and TACE treatment as prescribed the survival may be 4to 5yrs. So we agreed for TACE, The first TACE (Trans arterial chemo embolisation ) was done on 17th April 2007 by Dr Arun Gupta, which showed good response.

During the course of my mother's treatment, Dr Gupta who we as a family came to know was very patents and extremely helpful doctor, in the city although doctors have a lot of patients and are mostly on a busy schedule, Dr Arun Gupta was able to give us much of his time when we visited during the course of treatment, in fact at times when we were back in sikkim and when there was need for some medical advice, Dr Gupta was kind enough to help us guide us ,in odd hours also without any hesitation he use to answer our calls .After much tests and treatment we opted for second opinions from other hospitals and doctors but my mother always preferred Dr Gupta as he was very comforting /careing and understanding. He seemed very well informed about the ways to treat the ailment and most of his medication worked miraculously, literally.
My mother took her last breath on 21st Feb 2014.

My family is ever remains grateful to Dr Gupta n his team for the humane consideration and patient hearing that he extended to us during the seven years of the whole treatment when we too we're going through a traumatic and extremely uncertain phase. We entire family wis him good luck and success to his future endeavour. ..

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